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TL305 Diffuse On- and Off-Axis Light

POSTED 07/18/2014

href="" target="_blank">Smart Vision Lights Presents TL305 Diffuse On- and Off-Axis LightSmart Vision Lights
— a leading designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, including machine vision — is pleased to introduce its TL Series lights designed for pharmaceutical blister pack inspection that work well with capsules, tablets, and clear gel caps on various backgrounds, including foil or clear. The unique design has proven to reduce “hot spots” and glare while delivering better imagery on gel caps and increasing the color response of the camera. The challenge of multi-colored products is less of a concern as well, since this new light has eliminated “halo” reflection and blurred edge contrast.

Delivering a unique “light tent”-like illumination architecture while offering user control of both on-axis and off-axis intensity from Smart Vision Lights’ own internal driver to mitigate product or package variation, this light is expected to set the standard for challenging blister- and foil-pack applications. Smart Vision Lights expects to see expanded use of this revolutionary light approach for any application incorporating a line-scan camera over a conveyor.

Inspecting curved reflective blister packs requires diffuse lighting to properly illuminate the transparent packaging and pocketed foil to ensure the product quality of pharmaceutical goods. TL Series lights provide exceptional unparalleled uniformity and intense output, making this product the perfect solution to eliminate reflection, glare, and hot spots while providing the most accurate view of the packaging’s contents.

The features and benefits of TL Series lights include:

        5-pin M12 quick disconnect
        Built-in SMART driver – No external wiring to a driver
        Simple 24V DC and GND hook-up
        Independent remote control for on-axis and off-axis intensity control
        Continuous operation or optional strobe/pulse mode
        Individual intensity control for each axis
        Optional analog intensity 0-10V DC signal
        Custom lengths and multiple LED colors/wavelengths also available

As with all Smart Vision Lights products, the TL Series comes with a universal internal LED driver, complies with IEC eye safety standards, and has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty with product registration. Visit for more details.