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The Straight Poop on Material Handling Robots

POSTED 09/15/2009

Everyone wants to eliminate waste. Robots can help. Whether it is a job involving green packaging or preserving jobs, Practical Robotic Solutions is one member that has been there and done that for customers with material handling applications. See more on Robots in America.

Brian Huse has been with Robotic Industries Association since 1994. In a "walkabout" of the industry that started in 1998, he worked for member companies Deneb (now DELMIA) and Norgren Automotive; a four-year stint in which he was immersed in the business of software and hardware manufacturing for the robotics industry. Armed with a greater appreciation for the needs of RIA’s members and their publics, he rejoined the Association in 2001 and has responsibility for membership, marketing and public relations. See his blogs on Robots in America and watch for tweets from his perch on Twitter (@HuseBrian) where the goal is to say nice things about RIA members and leave helpful nuggets about the state-of-the-industry.