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CENIT North America provides the development and implementation of digital manufacturing solutions. We have a background in offline-programming, simulation and process integration for robots and special machines. In addition to these offline-programming applications (OLP) we offer customer-specific software developments and

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POSTED 09/21/2020

Integration Links Data and Processes to Create a Digital Ecosystem

End2end processes based on end2end data – decision-makers will immediately realize the potential that digitalization holds for their enterprise. At the same time, they may be worried that expanding their platform technology will make them too dependent on a specific provider. Horst Heckhorn is aware of this concern and tells us what he recommends to the Managers.

Mr. Heckhorn, the media talks about the golden age of platform economics. However, with managers in the industry, one sometimes encounters uncertainty – what’s that about?

The industry recognizes the many opportunities inherent in modern platform technology. But decision-makers want to be sure that they can act on new developments. That means connecting new IT solutions to a platform or changing the provider altogether without major cost and effort.

How do software companies handle concerns about vendor lock-in?
From my point of view, a lot has happened. Of course, they tend to favor their own solution, but software providers recognize that businesses are faced with a diverse digital ecosystem. A new platform shouldn’t turn legacy IT systems and structures into a silo. Also, cross-enterprise collaboration is growing more and more important in industry, meaning that businesses must be able to exchange data with customers, partners and suppliers. The digital age is the age of collaboration, and IT has to help us cope with that fact.

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