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Mikrotron GmbH, established in 1976 and located outside Munich, Germany, provides a full range of high-speed imaging solutions for challenging applications in industry, engineering, science and sports. The company designs, produces, distributes and rents high-speed cameras, image recording systems, software and image processing components. Mikrotron's extreme slow-motion recording enables customers to optimize manufacturing processes, improve product design, revolutionize quality management and analyze motion.

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The CoaXPress Fiber-Optic Converter goes beyond the limits of data transmission

POSTED 06/10/2014

the demanding industrial high-resolution image-processing, high-speed (HS) video and HS video long-time recording sectors, very high data rates have to be transmitted in real time. Powerful interfaces and reliable connections for longer transmission paths from camera to computer are necessities.

The compact cameras from the Mikrotron CXP-series can be easily integrated where they are needed in a space-saving manner and ensure high-speed data transfer with maximum transfer rates through the CoaXPress high-performance interface. In close cooperation with the Israeli company Kaya Instruments, Mikrotron is closing the gap for reduced distances in data transmission. The new repeaters and fiber-optic converters ensure maximum data transfer performance by CoaXPress of 6.25 Gbps in uplink and over 20 Mbps in downlink. The still-current standard CoaXPress has not had these components thus far. Fiber-optic cables are not affected by electromagnetic disruptions and are thus a key factor ensuring reliability in difficult environments. As tried and tested components, they guarantee a transmission range of up to 10 km in single mode and up to 400 m in multi-mode. In the spirit of plug and play, they offer easy integration. The energy supply for the components comes directly from the CoaXPress and guarantees bi-directional communication over long distances. For the high-performance 3CXP (3MP) and 4CXP (4MP) cameras from the EoSens CXP family, this opens new possibilities for the most demanding applications in industrial image processing, high-speed video and HS video long-time recording for all areas of industry, research, and development.