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TECHSPEC® Goniometers

POSTED 06/28/2011

Edmund Optics TECHSPEC GoniometersEdmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces its new TECHSPEC® Goniometers.  These instruments allow for precise angular adjustment of an object about a fixed point located above the center of the mounting surface.  The Goniometers provide highly accurate, true tip and tilt adjustments of any optical component.  They are commonly used to accurately direct lasers and precisely align mirrors in beam steering applications. Mechanically compatible with EO's other TECHSPEC Stages, the new TECHSPEC Goniometer is available with Metric and English hole patterns for the widest variety of uses.    

A variety of plate sizes accommodate a wide range of applications
EO's new TECHSPEC Goniometers are available in different plate sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications.  Each of the sizes, 30 mm, 40 mm or 70 mm, is offered in several radii of movement for easily stacking into two-axis configurations.  In order to provide motion about a common point in two different axes, the user should mount Goniometers with smaller radii on top of those with larger radii of the same stage size.  
High-resolution measurements and excellent movement repeatability
New TECHSPEC Goniometers feature precision movement along a dovetail design with a vernier scale for accurate, high-resolution measurements and excellent movement repeatability.  A convenient locking thumbscrew allows each setting to be held securely in place.  The 30 mm and 40 mm Goniometers are manufactured of durable black painted brass, while the 70 mm models are constructed of sturdy black anodized aluminum.  The 30 mm and 40 mm stages require bottom adapter plates to mount to standard breadboards. The 70 mm and 125 mm stages mount directly to standard breadboards.  
TECHSPEC Goniometers are in-stock and available for immediate delivery for fast turnaround and excellent value.  Our TECHSPEC components are fully supported by engineering prints and are easily integrated into complex assemblies through the available IGES and STEP files.