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TECHSPEC® Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses

POSTED 05/02/2012

Edmund Optics Presents TECHSPEC Compact Instrumentation Imaging LensesEdmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces new TECHSPEC® Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses. Designed for instrumentation integration, these precision lenses are streamlined versions of our Compact Fixed Focal Length Imaging Lenses.
Designed for Volume Integration
TECHSPEC Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses are manufactured to provide high levels of image quality with low lens-to-lens variation and feature a broadband anti-reflection (AR) coating for maximum light transmission. These lenses are specifically designed for volume integration into applications such as analytical medical devices, including benchtop-based blood analyzers. TECHSPEC Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses feature an adjustable, lockable focus. This enables the user to set the best focus position before the lens is integrated into instrumentation and avoid future adjustments, yielding time and cost savings.
Range of f/# options available
TECHSPEC Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses feature a wide range of fixed aperture options to allow maximum flexibility of resolution, throughput and depth of field at a price point ideally suited for volume integration. Gregory Hollows, Director of Machine Vision Solutions for Edmund Optics added, "Each focal length is offered in a range of f/# options to modify resolution, throughput and depth of field. For example, the customer can choose a higher, slower f/#, which increases the depth of field in the lens." TECHSPEC Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses are offered in seventeen different aperture stop versions, from f/1.4 out to f/8, in 16 mm, 25 mm and 35 mm Focal Lengths. Customized f/# versions are also available to provide instrumentation application solutions.
TECHSPEC Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses will be on display at EO Booth 510 during The Vision Show, May 8-10, in Boston, MA. 

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