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Founded in 1968, KEBA AG is an internationally successful electronics company based in Linz/Austria with subsidiaries around the world. In line with its credo, “Automation by innovation”, KEBA has been developing and producing inventive, top-quality automation solutions for 50 years for industrial, banking, services and energy automation branches. Indeed, as a result of competence, experience, and courage, KEBA is the technology and innovation leader in its market segments. Extensive development and production expertise represent a guarantee for the highest quality. KEBA is successful with the realization of complex automation tasks. In the area of industrial automation, KEBA offers automation solutions for plastics machinery and robots, general mechanical and plant engineering, sheet metal processing, and mobile operating solutions. Whether hardware or software, individual components or complete solutions - the Austrian technology expert has an answer for every requirement.

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T10 directMove - Show the Robot the Way!

POSTED 04/14/2014

rong>KEBA AG wins!

The winners of the 2014 ROBOTICS AWARD for excellence in applied robotics have been announced, with Austrian firm KEBA AG ahead of FANUC Deutschland GmbH to take top honors with its innovative robot controller.

New way of positioning and programming mobile robots

The "KeTop T10 directMove" developed by the Austrian-based automation specialist KEBA AG is a new breed of handheld robot controller for positioning, guiding and programming mobile robots. It is a compact, one-hand controller with a thumb-operated joystick. The user simply points the controller in the direction s/he wants the robot arm to move and uses the joystick to position and rotate the robot tool. It is operated using intuitive gestures, enabling the user to keep his/her eyes on the robot at all times. Featuring a 3-position enabling switch, an emergency stop button and Ethernet port, the controller integrates seamlessly into conventional automation environments.