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Norpix provides high speed digital video capture and troubleshooting solutions. Norpix software includes Streampix, StreamTouch and Troublepix. Capture from single or multiple cameras in continuous mode to disk. Features include continuous bugger or looping, compression to jpeg, h.264, time stamping, synchronization, event markers, GPS or IrigB time stamping. Triggering from PLC with 5 or 24 volts. Solutions are available in GigE, USB3, 10 and 25 GigE, Camera Link and CXP cameras. Turnkey systems are available with software, cameras, portable or desktop computer.

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StreamPix 5 Adds Particle Image Velocimetry Module

POSTED 03/08/2012

rong>StreamPix 5 Adds Particle Image Velocimetry

Montreal, Canada - The StreamPix 5 software has been expanded to include particle image velocimetry (PIV). Particle image velocimetry is an advanced flow visualization method that is used across a wide variety of industries. Already one of the most capable high speed digital video recording suites on the market, the addition of PIV to StreamPix 5 adds the ability to record instantaneous velocity measurements that can be used across a diverse range of industries including aviation aerodynamics, biomedical device development and even avalanche analysis.

Example of PIV Measurement
Example of PIV Measurement (courtesy of

StreamPix 5 Offers All-In One Particle Image Velocimetry Functionality

StreamPix 5 from Norpix is a natural fit for the PIV industry. Specifically, StreamPix 5 is compatible with industry-leading high speed cameras from Imperx, which are capable of capturing two video frames spaced at hundred-nanosecond intervals.

An easy-to-organize naming scheme for saving or exporting images and the capability to export video data in a wide variety of formats. Norpix offers a number of turnkey StreamPix 5 systems that provide the hardware and software required to plug-in to your existing particle image velocimetry setup.

About StreamPix

As Norpix's flagship software product, StreamPix 5 has become the ultimate Digital Video Recording software. With its state-of-the-art user interface, users may view, control and acquire from single or multiple cameras simultaneously. StreamPix 5 provides a complete management console for cameras, simplifying the setup, control and acquisition from any number and type of camera.

About NorPix

NorPix is a developer of high-speed digital video recording software specializing in single or multiple camera acquisition. Our software provides a wide selection of features such as time stamping, synchronization, audio and data acquisition and much more. Our software and systems are used throughout a wide range of applications including special effects, scientific research, life science, geo-mapping and military applications.

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