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Spring Robot Safety Conference: Partnership for Collaborative Safety

POSTED 02/19/2009

A newly formed partnership for collaborative safety is underway between Robotic Industries Association and safety partners such as SICK. Future industrial robot systems will permit man and machine to work more closely with even fewer barriers. Safety and savings are now possible through compliance with new standards that allow such proximity.

As often noted at RIA’s robot safety seminars, barriers to factory equipment often create challenges that workers sometimes circumvent in unsafe ways. With new technology, people can be free of many physical barriers and still safe around equipment of enormous power. How is explained at RIA’s Spring 2009 Robot Safety Conference, March 23-25, in Knoxville.

“SICK has been an RIA member for more than 20 years,” said Jeffrey A. Burnstein, President, Robotic Industries Association. “They know the business and work hard to keep robot users safe. Now, as part of RIA’s Partnership for Collaborative Safety, they are empowered to offer registration discounts to the Spring Robot Safety Conference. Together, we will spread the word about this important training.”

Association work involves training and industry stimulation to foster the safe and successful adoption of robots in the workplace. Members of the partnership help propagate RIA’s message of safety and training and their publics benefit from a registration discount. The training helps workers understand and implement risk assessment and standards compliance, and the discount is one way the Association and its members can work together to help users make the most of training budgets. RIA is the official secretariat of the RIA/ANSI R15.06 National Robot Safety Standard and provides in-depth training on it.

“We look forward to additional companies joining our partnership for Knoxville and future RIA safety events," said Burnstein. In addition to the Knoxville Robot Safety Conference is the National Robot Safety Conference XXI in Dearborn, Michigan, October 26-29, 2009.

For more information on the Partnership for Collaborative Safety, use the RIA contact form or call Brian Huse or Jim Adams at (734) 994-6088.