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SPiiPlus ADK Suite v2.50 Release

POSTED 01/08/2018

SPiiPlus ADK software version 2.50, available for download.

SPiiPlus ADK v2.50 features an updated MMI Application Studio with enhanced diagnostics capabilities, new ACSPL+ functions & variables, updated ACSPL+ commands & functions, and support of new products.

SPiiPlus ADK v2.50 includes the ACS Knowledge Center within the SPiiPlusMMI Application Studio and as a standalone application available as a separate download.

A CD with the SPiiPlus ADK Suite is not provided with ACS controller hardware.

New Products Supported

  • LCM: An EtherCAT slave module that provides all ACS controllers and control modules the ability to control a laser source directly and to synchronize its activation and pulsing to motion.
  • MP4U: An eight-axis EtherCAT®  drive module

SPiiPlus ADK New Capabilities and Features

  • JIT Buffer Execution
    • Provides the ability to start executing the buffer immediately after the loading process of the file is completed.
    • Useful for G-Code programs.
  • Dynamic Buffer
    • Similar to JIT buffer, commands can be sent only from the host application.
  • Blended Segmented Motion
    • Processing a complex multi-axis trajectory and smoothing corners between segments without look-ahead capabilities.
  • Bitwise Mapping of EtherCAT variables
    • Enables ACSPL+ functions to support mapping of a single bit or multiple bits types.
  •  Enhanced EtherCAT and Network errors notification
    •  ECALLERR - a new ACSPL+ variable for error codes, based on AL Status Codes.
    •  New motor error codes for SYNC loss and GPRT overflow for ACSPL+ safety variable MERR.
  • GSP G&M Code Extension
    •  Blended segmented motion - a sequence of linear and arc segments.
    • Feed hold and return - enables saving the currently executed motion as well as all motions in the motion queue (if they exist), suspend them, and then restore them later. After the hold command is executed, no motion commands exist in the motion queue.
    • Parts rotation - the ability to create a shape, described by a sequence of segments, in a 2D plane.
    • The ability to reference to a WCS as a fixed point in space in GETSETMODAL.
    •  Updated indices for GGETMODAL and GSETMODAL for new features.
  •     Faults simulation
    • The ability to simulate all faults both in the simulator and on a real controller.
  •     SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio
    • Adjuster Wizard - the adjustment process for stepper motors is simplified.
    • Scope - Y-axis units can be displayed and two zoom features are added.

    SPiiPlus C Library

  •         Extended segmented motion is updated.
  •         Blended segmented motion is added.
  •         New motion flags are created.

New Documents

  •     SPiiPlus ADK Suite v2.50 Release Notes
  •     Product Guide: MP4U Installation Guide
  •     Product Guide: LCM Laser Control Module Installation and Operation Guide
  •     Application Note: Laser Control with the LCM

Updated Documents

  •     ACSPL+ Programmer's Guide
  •     GSP_G&M Codes Extension to ACSPL+ Reference Guide
  •     SPiiPlus C Library Programmer Guide
  •     SPiiPlus COM Library Programmer Guide
  •     SPiiPlus Command & Variable Reference Guide
  •     SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio User Guide
  •     SPiiPlus .NET Programmers Guide

SPiiPlusSC Installation

The SPiiPlusSC Soft Controller Installation software V2.50 is now available on a USB flash disk, as an optional accessory.
Updated Documents

  •     SPiiPlusSC User Guide
  •     SPiiPlusSC Setup for WinXP
  •     SPiiPlusSC Setup for Windows 7-8-10
  •     SPiiPlusSC Silent Installation Guide
  •     SPiiPlusSC Troubleshooting Guide