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POSTED 07/17/2013

rong>Solar-Eye detects cracks and grains breaking out

The photovoltaic is one of the regenerative energies that developed quite extensively, taking into account the spreading of solar power plants on roofs. Also not to forget that also calculators run sometimes with “solar cells”. The fields of applications for the solar industry are manifold.

The increasing demand also brings along a call for a faster and cheaper photovoltaic production and EVT Solar-Eyetherewith also the development of automation of the production to reduce the manufacturing costs.

The industrial image processing therefore has some of the solution and can monitor the production of solar wafer, cells and modules. One wafer runs through various stages until it becomes a solar cell. For an cost-saving production it would be optimal to detect faulty products as soon as possible to prevent them from entering further process units, which cause extra costs.

The Solar-Plugin Solar-Eye by EVT detects frequently occurring defects in manufacturing such as cracks and grains on wafer. The inspection system solves an important task: it detects cracks and scratches, inspects the correct dimensions as well as thickness and surface. Additionally the position on the connectors can be determined as well as the position of the cell for the correct brazing of the cells.

The SolarEye-Plugin has been extended by a solar module for laser scribing inspection with especially for the solar industry adapted reader functions. This means that the reading of e.g. DMC, bar code and OCR/OCV is also possible on silicium and solar cells.

Based on a high resolution camera any mistakes are accurately detected up to a µ. The damaged wafer can than be discharged from the production, which reduces the breakage rate notably and increases the crop. The information of the defect characteristic of the solar wafer, which have been collected by the evaluation software of the inspection system, allow a continuous improvement of the production process.

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