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Smart line scan camera with EyeVision

POSTED 07/15/2013

rong>EyeSpector 1002L

The term “smart camera” or “intelligent camera” was already influenced in 1975 by Ron Schneidermann and nowadays means a camera, on which carried out image processing is programmed on an integrated processor in the camera and on which images are not transferred to a PC, but are evaluated already in the camera. Such industrial cameras which already include frame grabber, processor, memory and various Smart line scan camera with EyeVisioninterfaces, not only are available as two-dimensional image sensors but also as smart line scan cameras.

EVT e.g. has a extremely compact smart line scan camera called “EyeSpector 1002L”, which is astonishingly not bigger as an ordinary industrial camera and additionally possesses for evaluation of the image data the very powerful EyeVision image processing software.

With the EyeVision software system the line scan image acquisition is supported completely. There are two modes for the image acquisition: the endless image acquisition with continuous image evaluation and also the frame-oriented image acquisition for long objects. The first mode is suitable for all applications where the material is manufactured in panels e.g. roll-fed material such as plastic foil, paper, metal or cloth. In contrast, the second mode was developed for longish objects such as, planks, poles or boards.

A further application is the so called Solar-Eye-System by EVT, which consists of the EyeSpector 1002L line scan camera and the EyeVision image processing software. The line scan camera monitors laser scribing, which means the separation of conducting paths on thin-film solar cells with a laser. In the process a thin silicium film, which is structured with a laser, is spread onto the supporting material of the cells, for example glass. The conducting paths are running parallel and closely spaced, but without touching each other. The monitoring-system directs the laser in real time accurate up to 1µm. The position data of the laser line are captured within 5 milliseconds and therefore 200 measurement readings are available in just one second. The data can than be read directly from the camera via Ethernet or RS232 interfaces. The evaluation and image data can be transferred optionally to a display terminal or a central computer, so that in case of an error the source is directly visible.

The robust camera contains the complete evaluation electronic and carries out all machine vision processes automatically.

The smart line scan camera EyeSpector 1002L has a computing power of 3200 MIPS and 32 MB DRAM as well as 4 MB Flash EPROM for program and data storage. The maximum line frequence amounts up to 11 kHz. The 1002L smart camera is suitable for industrial usage and therefore is robust and insensitive to vibration and bumps. Also the line scan camera has over 4 inputs and 4 outputs for direct handling of external components and can be easily connected to a PLC.

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