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Smart Kits for Smart Camera

POSTED 04/21/2016

With the release of the mvBlueGEMINI smart camera and the intuitive mvIMPACT Configuration Studio software (ICS for short), MATRIX VISION has demonstrated just how easy it can be to prepare inspections, and in doing so has ushered in a new era in industrial image processing. Now the company is providing kits adapted to laboratory and industrial use, as well as kits for first-time users, which contain the smart camera, ICS and appropriate accessories.

The software and the hardware lies at the core of the kit in the form of the mvIMPACT Configuration Studio and the mvBlueGEMINI. ICS is web-based so does not need to be installed, and it can also be accessed simultaneously by a wide range of devices such as tablets, smartphones or PCs via the network, or from an available access point via the WLAN. The intuitive wizard-based user guidance and the reduction of parameters to just those that are essential assist users and consequently speed up the development of the application. It is also possible to train the device to perform tasks, enabling ICS to select the correct algorithms and set the appropriate parameters. For this reason, users do not necessarily need to have knowledge of image processing. ICS is based on HALCON and is optimised for the hardware.

The included accessories differ from kit to kit. While the laboratory kit contains a network cable and a 24V power cable as accessories, in the industrial kit, the 24V power cable is replaced by an appropriate cable carrier-compatible connection cable with an open cable end.

The starter kit includes the widest range of accessories: it comes with a C-mount lens, 24V power cable, tripod, tripod adapter, appropriate cables, white ring light and interface box. The interface box, which includes terminal blocks and control LEDs for all digital inputs/outputs, enables quick and easy process integration. The starter kit is supplied in an attractive carry case and saves the user the time-consuming task of assembling the individual components. To celebrate the launch of production, the mvBlueGEMINI starter kit is available now at a one-off introductory price.