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Frommelt Safety Products has changed its name to Rite-Hite Machine Guarding, effective September 1, 2014. The name change is part of an overall initiative to further strengthen and focus on the Rite-Hite brand. The announcement follows the streamlining of the product line that the machine guarding division undertook earlier this year. The name change does not affect the current product portfolio. As its name implies, Rite-Hite Machine Guarding will continue to focus production on its industry-leading machine guarding products, including automated barrier doors, industrial fencing and retractable curtains for robotic and automated welding processes in metal manufacturing, automotive, material handling, paper/packaging, and plastics, among other industries. Brand names for these products include Defender, Flashfold, Vertiguard, SlideAir, Rollshield, Rollshield Side-To-Side, X-Ten, and Roboguard Fence. This name change clarifies who we are, what we offer.

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SlimLine™ Roll-Up Safety Barrier Door Protects Employees from Hazards!

POSTED 07/07/2008

MILWAUKEE, WI -- Frommelt Safety Products announces the introduction of the  SlimLine™ Roll-Up Safety Barrier Door. Our new SlimLine door is designed to protect employees from entry into hazardous areas while machines are operating, protection against flying debris, and weld flash. The SlimLine operates at higher speeds of 40” and 55” per second open/close. Applications include robotic work cells, palletizing, AGV entry, and general machine guarding safety.SlimLineTM Roll-Up Safety Barrier Door Protects Employees from Hazards!

The SlimLine is designed with integral side frame guide support, soft bottom edge curtain design, and gravity down motion. Patented safety interlocks are designed to provide safety in open and close positions. Three-piece construction allows for quick and easy installation. The SlimLine is currently installed in applications for millions of cycles.

Frommelt Safety Products is a recognized leader in industrial safety and machine guarding products, with a commitment to excellence in the key areas of technological innovation. For more information on our SlimLine Door and other Machine Guarding Products, call Frommelt Safety Products at 800-553-5560 or visit our website at

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