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Metaphase Technologies provides high-quality, low cost, off-the-shelf and custom-made LED lighting systems for machine vision inspection. Our extensive product line has over 4,000 standard models of LED lighting products and power supplies to choose from.

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Sister LED Fixture Manufacturing Companies

POSTED 12/18/2015

Metaphase Technologies Inc., and LED Living Technology Inc., announce their 2016 strategy to continue manufacturing LED lighting fixtures in the United States.

As a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced LED Illumination for machine vision and specialty applications for more than 20 years, Metaphase Technologies will continue to focus on engineering to create breakthrough lighting solutions for industries as diverse as food production, aerospace, and the military.

Commercial lighting sister manufacturer LED Living Technology Inc., will focus on integrating new improvements in efficacy of LEDs, to expand LLT’s product portfolio into newly emerging applications for commercial lighting.

In the Machine Vision and Specialty application market, lighting experts at Metaphase Technologies continue to find that a flexible and experienced engineering team, is key to their success as day to day application-specific innovators and problem solvers. Every new project is an adventure for Metaphase Technologies, with fortune 500 manufacturers turning to Metaphase’s dedicated team of engineers and sales engineers to help maximize their production line efficiency, by improving or inventing lighting for their quality control systems. Metaphase Technologies’ slogan Light Beyond VisionTM refers to their dedication to excellence in engineering to the unique challenges they face in Machine Vision applications, but also to Metaphase’s expanding capabilities in other fields demanding advanced LED system engineering and controls. Recent examples of Metaphase Technology’s contribution to unique LED applications includes Infrared LED systems for vehicular inspections, currently in use by the U.S. Border Patrol, and an award winning, patent pending High Speed strobing LED system for the US Army Test Center (ATC) and the Army Research Lab (ARL). The High Speed strobing LED system helps to capture the trajectory of bullets, and is used in testing the effectiveness of things like protective body armor, used by United States armed forces. As a Buy American Manufacturer Metaphase Technologies will continue to develop their relationship with United States municipalities in 2016.

LED Living Technology Inc., was established by Oliver Szeto, CEO of Metaphase Technologies Inc., to tackle new and emerging commercial applications for LEDs.

Benefitting from Metaphase engineers’ extensive LED design experience, LED Living Technology has developed over the years, an extensive portfolio, centered around reliability, cutting edge efficacy, with focus on the retrofit market. LED Living Technology will continue to manufacture to the Buy American standard, with a manufacturing headquarters located just north of Philadelphia, PA.

Aggressive growth has characterized LLT’s history in the U.S. commercial market, with 2014, and 2015 being both record years for sales. LED Living Technology is planning on releasing 4 new product lines in 2016, with the expectation for another year of >100% growth. Key product lines like the GEN2 CLARIS LED Retrofit Kit for linear fluorescent lamps, will continue to capture market share as a reliable hardware design, with industry leading efficacies of up to 164lm/W, and a 10 year warranty. Utility companies offering rebate incentives to commercial customers looking to upgrade to LEDs, continue to favor hardware designs, over LED T8 lamps for performance and reliability. As the market continues to become more educated, LED Living Technology foresees significant growth potential in following LLT’s existing strategy to manufacture to the highest standard of reliability, and efficacy to capture energy savings, and performance based incentives as a means of reducing ROI.

Examples of LED Living Technology recent projects include Lockheed Martin, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Philadelphia International Airport, Verizon, Whole Foods Markets, Giant Eagle, Shoprite, & Marriot Hotels & Resorts.

LED Living Technology will continue to focus on educational facilities, warehouses, municipalities, hospitality, medical facilities, and commercial offices for upcoming product lines.

Customer service is an underlying principle of both Metaphase Technologies Inc., and LED Living Technology Inc. Customer loyalty and retention is a big factor for both companies consistent growth, and the management team will continue to work towards improved service in 2016.

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