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Sense Photonics is building the next generation of LiDAR and 3D sensor solutions for autonomous vehicles, industrial robotics, material handling, activity monitoring and many other applications. Our core technology – protected by over 200 patents – enables a simple, high-performance, solid state solution with no moving parts that can uniquely meet the rigorous performance, reliability and cost requirements for automotive and industrial applications. Sense Photonics has offices in Research Triangle Park, NC, Silicon Valley, CA and Edinburgh, UK. We are backed by leading VC firms and strategic investors and have developed partnerships with leading automotive and robotics customers. We are building an innovative, world-class company that designs and builds the world's best 3D sensors and software solutions.

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Sense Photonics’ Industrial-Grade 3D Camera Sets Performance Standard; Preorder Online

POSTED 10/23/2019

Sense Solid-State Flash LiDARDURHAM, NC – Sense Photonics, a company building the next generation of 3D sensor solutions, is now accepting preorders for the Sense Solid-State Flash LiDAR, an industrial-grade 3D time-of-flight (ToF) camera that features a wide field-of-view (FOV) and high-resolution data output at a range of up to 40 meters – the longest available in the market for a device of its kind. The sensor is available in three customizable variations – Sense 30, Sense 60, and Sense 75 – and can be preordered by visiting This release comes on the heels of the widely covered company launch and $26 million Series A funding announced earlier this year.

The Sense units deliver angular resolution of 0.27 degrees both horizontally and vertically, and can be configured to achieve an outdoor range of up to 40 meters (depending on model). Coupled with a vertical FOV of up to 75 degrees, and high-dynamic range (HDR) technology that accurately images a wide range of object surface reflectivities without saturation, Sense Solid-State Flash LiDAR sets a new standard for 3D imaging and is ideal for demanding industrial applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Individual units are priced at $2,900 plus shipping, with first shipments scheduled to begin during the first quarter of 2020.

“We’re excited to bring to market the next generation of 3D sensing with a powerful combination of features that are collectively unmatched in the industrial marketplace,” said Sense Photonics CEO Scott Burroughs. “When you look at the leading industrial- focused 3D sensors, they typically have very short range performance, don’t work well
in outdoor sunlight, have interference issues, or are very expensive. We are pleased by the feedback we’re getting as customers learn that our unique offering is the answer to these problems.”

Sense Photonics’ 3D camera products are based on a portfolio of over 200 patents, a proprietary laser array, and  technology advancements in 3D receivers. Its camera-like architecture enables dramatic cost reduction, environmental durability, and high-performance for a wide variety of industrial applications, including robotics, material handling, activity monitoring, last-mile delivery, volumetric measurement, motion tracking, 3D inspection, palletization and more.