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For over 30 years, Allied Vision has been helping people to see the bigger picture. Allied Vision supplies camera technology and image capture solutions for industrial inspection, science, medicine, traffic monitoring and many more application areas in digital imaging. With a deep understanding of customers’ needs, Allied Vision finds individual solutions for every application, a practice which has made Allied Vision one of the leading camera manufacturers worldwide in the machine vision market.

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See AVT's Latest Cameras at The AIA Vision Show

POSTED 04/09/2014

rong>Allied Vision Technologies will be exhibiting at The AIA Vision Show from April 15-17 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to see the latest AVT cameras in action on booth #411 and have our team of experts answer all your questions.

New Goldeye Infrared Camera

The new Goldeye is a compact Short-Wave Infrared camera that combines ease of implementation with a comprehensive set of features for applications from semiconductor inspection to photovoltaics, hyperspectral imaging, and more.

Features include automated 14-bit on-board image pre-processing, flexible frame rate control, auto-gain and auto-exposure, flexible lens-mount solutions, simplified filter assembly, and industrial connectors with locking functionality.

EF-Mount Option on High Resolution Cameras

Other highlights of AVT's booth in Boston include the ultra-compact Mako camera and the new EF-Mount option available on high-resolution models of the Prosilica GT camera series.

This new lens mount will allow standard motorized lenses to be controlled via the camera to image in different focus areas.This function can be particularly useful in traffic applications to monitor several lanes and may also be used in specific industrial applications to replace several cameras focused on different focal points.

AVT Presentation at The Vision Conference:

Non-visible Imaging:
An Overview of Infrared Concepts, Cameras and Applications

Wednesday, April 16th at 10 AM

Scott Smith, AVT’s Director of Technical Services, will be giving an overview of infrared concepts that influence technology choices and application design, types of sensors and cameras used, and applications possible with IR imaging.