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SCHUNK Products Certified for Use in Cleanrooms

POSTED 02/08/2008



Friday, February 8, 2008 – (Robotics Online) — Many SCHUNK products can now be used in cleanrooms without hesitation. This is confirmed by the certificate issued in December 2007 by TÜV Süd. The certificate confirms suitability for use in Class 5 cleanrooms according to ISO 14644. ISO Class 5 is comparable to Class 100 of the US-Fed. -Std. 209, which is no longer valid, but still frequently referred to in the industry.

SCHUNK succeeded in certifying entire series, instead of just single products, as is often the case. Therefore, the certificate covers all versions and variants of the products. In particular, the following series have been certified:

  • PGN-plus parallel gripper
  • DPG-plus sealed parallel gripper
  • PZN-plus centric gripper
  • DPZ-plus sealed centric gripper
  • MPG miniature parallel gripper
  • MPZ miniature centric gripper
  • SRU rotary module

Customers and potential customers can request a PDF of the certificate from SCHUNK, therefore eliminating the need for certificates of suitability for use or conducting measurements before using products in cleanrooms. This saves time and money.

Initial measurements of SCHUNK grippers equipped with additional HUE protective covers achieved excellent results with ISO Class 2. Although final certification is yet to be granted, grippers with protective covers are already available from SCHUNK.

SCHUNK is a member of Robotic Industries Association.