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SCHUNK GSW-B with Shaft Interface

POSTED 11/16/2010

g hspace="10" height="300" align="right" width="213" vspace="10" src="/userAssets/riaUploads/Schunk_GSW.jpg" alt="SCHUNK GSW-B with Shaft Interface" />SCHUNK has developed a module program, by which machine tools can be automated quickly, easily and cost-effectively with a shaft interface. The core piece is the module GSW-B, which joins standardized parallel or concentric grippers from SCHUNK with the machine. For automated workpiece changes, the operator has to invest in some new components and reprogram the machine.

The connection module GSW-B is equipped with a gripper interface on one side, and a 20 mm shaft on the other, and can be clamped with many conventional toolholders. The same gripper can be used on various machines, independently from the individual spindle interface. It can be driven by coolant or, in order to achieve shorter cycle times, with compressed air, which is fed by the shaft interface of the connection module.

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