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ISRA VISION - Machine Vision Technology from a Global Market Leader. Major international industry players place their trust in ISRA. Our core competence involves the development of 3D Machine Vision products and surface inspection systems. ISRA offers efficient Machine Vision solutions for automating highly complex tasks: Robot Vision - Seeing in the Third Dimension. Robot guidance for difficult tasks such as positioning, assembly, handling, or paint finishin

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SCA Graphic Laakirchen Invests in ISRA VISION PARSYTEC Technology

POSTED 02/29/2012

rong>Comprehensive inspection upgrade

ISRA VISION PARSYTEC, the world’s leading supplier of inspection systems to the paper industry, has received an order for a revamp of their existing inspection system on PM11 at SCA Graphic in Laakirchen Austria. The inspection system which is currently being used was also purchased from PARSYTEC and has been successfully installed on the PM 11 paper machine since 2000. This was one of the compelling reasons for SCA to order the comprehensive upgrade from ISRA VISION PARSYTEC. The upgrade package is technologically superior using the newest camera technology, the reason for the significantly improved recognition capabilities.  In addition, the proven software‘s new intuitive user interface enables simplified system settings and easier building of classifiers.  An additional benefit: higher performance rates, with reduced number of hardware components; this results in noticeably reduced maintenance efforts.

About the company:
ISRA VISION PARSYTEC AG is the world's leading supplier of surface inspection systems; today 15 of the top 20 paper producers employ their products.  With more than 730 installations worldwide, it provides the most advanced and customized surface inspection systems, delivering reliable and comprehensive information of all relevant surface defects across the various production steps. Together with innovative EXPERT5i software solutions, customers are able to easily create individual surface quality yield management applications, while integrating surface quality data with process data.

The ISRA VISION Group is the world's largest and most capable vendor of surface inspection systems. The systems are used in the glass, banknote paper, paper, plastics, non-woven fabrics, printing and metalworking industries. The ISRA VISION Group is operating globally with its headquarters in Germany (Darmstadt and Aachen) as well as 15 additional subsidiaries worldwide, e.g. in North America, Korea and China.