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Metaphase Technologies provides high-quality, low cost, off-the-shelf and custom-made LED lighting systems for machine vision inspection. Our extensive product line has over 4,000 standard models of LED lighting products and power supplies to choose from.

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Saving the Lives of Our Soldiers with the Help of Advanced High Speed LED Illumination

POSTED 11/24/2015

High Speed LED Strobed IlluminationMetaphase Technologies, Inc. was awarded a contract to develop and manufacture advanced high speed LED strobed illumination for the US Army Test Center (ATC) and the Army Research Lab (ARL) in Aberdeen, MD. Utilizing its award winning, patent pending technology; the High Speed LED (HiSLEDTM) system captures nanosecond strobed snapshots of bullets traveling at speeds exceeding 3000ft/sec (2,000 mph). Bullets typically don’t travel a straight line to the target due to rotational forces. This travel pattern has a significant impact on the “injury pattern” of a bullet on the target. Images captured using Metaphase Technologies’ HiSLEDTM system provide information such as the bullet’s in-air pitch & yaw as it travels towards the target. The data is then used in “Terminal Ballistics” to improve the design of firearms and personal armor such as bulletproof vests.

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Metaphase Technologies has been designing and manufacturing LED illumination systems for machine vision and beyond since 1993. Its sister company, LED Living Technology is an industry leading manufacturer of LED lighting for the commercial market. Both are located in Bristol, PA, USA.

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