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Rubber Ring Inspection with EyeVision 3.0

POSTED 08/19/2013

requirements for the quality of plastic and rubber components during the production are rising steadily and are now on such a high level, that the measuring and inspection are getting more and more sophisticated.

Therefore the noncontact measurement has made quite some progress in the last couple of years and now offers an exact and fast inspection concerning important quality criteria such as surface or dimension defects of e.g. o-rings or elastomer gaskets.

Rubber Ring Inspection with EyeVision 3.0

For inspection of these quality criteria EVT offers a combination of the already well-proven image processing software EyeVision and the powerful smart camera EyeCheck 2000. With the inspection program, which the user can create autonomously with the drag-and-drop function of the EyeVision software, not only the surface is monitored but also, with using the measurement technology commands, the distortion and aberration of the O-shape of the rubber rings are detected.

The evaluation software EyeVision is running directly on the camera, which is equipped with an ARM-Cortex-A8 core and a computing power of up to 1 GHz. Additionally the camera has a separate DSP with up to 800 MHz. The camera is 85 x 55 x 35 mm in size and has a 100 MBit LAN, 2 x USB 2.0, RS232, digital I/O interfaces.

When there is no advancement with the conventional, contact measurement technology, because the rubber ring is getting deformed by it, EyeVision is best solution, as for the optical measurement the e.g. o-rings, profile gaskets or molded rubber parts is a completely noncontact measurement.

With EyeVision it is possible to exactly measure inner and outer diameter, as well as the cord size of o-rings, but also other rubber rings.

As result of the measuring EyeVision provides the user with not only the inner and outer diameter, but also the median and the punctual minimum and maximum value of the cord size. In doing this the user gets exact data of the functionality of the rubber ring and bad parts are detected and can be eliminated from the production at an early stage.

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