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Founded in 1921, Ross Controls develops and produces high quality pneumatic valves & systems. It has over sixty years of experience designing & producing monitored redundant valves for safety applications. The DM2 is the latest control-reliable valve series for category 4 applications. The SV series has integrated double pole double throw switch to verify valve function for category 2 and 3 applications. For pneumatic energy isolation, the L-O-X® series provides a full line of manual lockout products. Ross safety-related products meet or exceed the global safety requirements for machine safeguarding and energy isolation and are supported by Ross' experienced global safety team. For robotic innovation, Ross developed one of the most advanced proportional pressure regulation units for faster, more precise robotic coating and dispensing applications, while reducing paint consumption, overspray and VOCs.

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ROSS CONTROLS® Introduces Dale Series Leak Test Valves and Manifolds

POSTED 11/13/2009

(TROY, MI) – ROSS CONTROLS is pleased to announce the release of its Dale Series Leak Test (LT) pneumatic valves and manifolds to the market. These continuous-duty rated valves provide high-flow capability in a compact, low weight package and offer non-lube service for ease-of-use.

The Series LT valves are part of a recent trend in leak test systems which utilize a new and innovative manifold block design. This unique configuration allows customers to leak test without added piping, which saves installation time and money and reduces cycle time. Its integrated flow and pressure sensor ports also decrease test volume and the need for extra fittings. These valves offer customers a good value with their robust poppet construction. This bubble tight design provides excellent sealing capabilities and provides a long service life in dirty environments. The valve’s independent internal poppet design also allows it to adapt to various system design requirements. As a result, the Series LT valves are suitable for a broad array of applications:

  • Counterbalance and cushions
  • Pick and place
  • Glass
  • Poppet cartridges
  • Directional control
  • Pressure isolation or decay test
  • Bypass fill or isolation valves
  • Flow test
  • Differential or two-channel pressure decay test
  • Integration with cylinders for speed and energy savings
  • Low-pressure fluids for steel processing

Because the Series LT design is leak tight, there is no leak path from pilot pressure to the test chamber, so energy consumption is reduced. Customers also benefit from the product’s minimal energy consumption and reduced heating effects due to its low 1.2 watt solenoids. In one application, the Series LT valves replaced an 18 watt product, instantly solving a customer’s excessive heating effect problem.

The Series LT valves are available in 2/2, 3/3, and 3/4 with 1/4" ports or 4/4 and 5/4 with 1/2" size ports, all with normally-closed configurations. The valve's internal 1/2" orifice has a flow range from 2.2 to 5.0 Cv. For flexible design application, the valves are port pressure independent and can be field configured for flow, pressure decay or differential pressure testing.

For more information on ROSS' Dale Series LT valves and manifolds, visit to download literature and locate your local ROSS distributor, or contact:

ROSS CONTROLS Customer Service
800-438-7677 (in the U.S.) or 706-356-3708 (outside the U.S.)

Established and headquartered in Michigan since 1921, ROSS CONTROLS® is an international designer and ISO-certified manufacturer of pneumatic valves and controls systems. An innovative and driving force in the pneumatic safety industry for over 50 years, ROSS focuses on tailored technology to provide customers with a distinct value advantage. ROSS has subsidiaries in Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, France, and China plus 145 worldwide stocking distributors.

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