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RIA Launches Rho Bota Phi Blog Site to Help People Find Careers in Robotics

POSTED 01/19/2012

n Arbor, Michigan) A new blog site to help students, faculty and job seekers plan for career opportunities in robotics is now live from Robotic Industries Association, North America’s only trade association dedicated solely to robotics. Education and academia are a major emphasis of RIA and its members. The blog site is located at

According to Brian Huse, RIA’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Rho Bota Phi (pronounced like “robotify”) is based on the premise of a Greek Letter Organization. Editorial and artistic license was taken with the Greek alphabet to create a unique brand. For instance, the Greek letter “Beta” has been converted to “Bota.” Also, the representation of the “Phi” symbol is modified to infer a gripper.

Rho Bota Phi Vision Statement - Rho Bota Phi is the ultimate collaboration between RIA, academia, business and government for creation of programs and curriculum that enhance workforce preparation for jobs in robotics and advanced manufacturing.

Rho Bota Phi Mission - Unite academia and business in development of curriculum and resources to bolster employment prospects for robotics students.

“Among the goals of Rho Bota Phi is to enable an exchange of ideas between robotics instructors, and to help disseminate information on qualifications needed for various positions in robotics,” said Huse. “We are using our annual Robotics Industry Forum, January 18-20, 2012, in Orlando, Florida, to help introduce the concept and to give members a chance to contribute their support. Many already sponsor a university or college for RIA membership” (see RIA’s “Schools and Corporate Sponsors” page on Robotics Online).

Robotic Industries Association counts some 40 colleges and universities among its corporate members. Information about jobs and schools with robotics programs are highlighted on the blog site and at Robotics Online.

About RIA

Founded in 1974, RIA’s 265 member organizations include leading robot manufacturers, component suppliers, system integrators, end users, community colleges & universities, research groups, and consulting firms.  RIA is best-known for developing the ANSI/RIA National Robot Safety Standard, collecting quarterly statistics on the North American robotics market, sponsoring the biennial Automate show and conference, hosting the annual Robotics Industry Forum, and producing Robotics Online, the world’s leading resource for robotics information.

RIA is part of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), formerly known as the Automation Technologies Council.  Other associations under the A3 umbrella are AIA, an association for vision & imaging companies, and the Motion Control Association (MCA).

For more information on RIA, contact RIA Headquarters at 734/994-6088 or visit Robotics Online at

Brian Huse
Director of Sales and Marketing
(734) 994-6088