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QMS Quality Management System

POSTED 08/23/2011

ISRA PARSYTEC the world's leading supplier of surface inspection systems for metals offers a new quality management system – QMS. QMS is a real time quality monitoring and alarming solution that works on individual production lines, on several consecutive lines and even throughout the entire company. Based on the information supplied by QMS, steel manufacturers are able to immediately optimize multiple processes. Not only is surface inspection data utilized but all process data can be synchronized for easy analysis, corrective action and reliable decision making for production planning and optimization.

In flat steel processing, high quality coils have much higher value. The stakes are high to produce top quality metal. However, quality alone is not enough. In addition to quality, efficient processing to maximize production is the total combination required to succeed in the competitive global steel market. The quality management system  -QMS is the solution that makes it possible to maximize quality AND optimize production, assuring cost savings and higher profitability. QMS provides a complete quality analysis  not only for surface quality but for all quality metrics. It allows real time alarming for any metric (flatness, shape, outside of user defined limits for immediate corrective action. These defect tolerances are product or coil-specific and can be defined for each end customer separately and stored as a recipe.

Intelligent decision-making tool
QMS can be the critical link between the planning department, production and quality management. It is based on the EPROMI architecture (Enterprise Production Management Intelligence) and performs in the role of a production assistant, providing intelligent tools needed in the decision-making process. To accomplish this, the QMS system accesses all available production relevant data, for example pertaining to surface quality, roughness, width and thickness, as well as supporting data from any database and creates a single synchronized view of all of the quality data. Based on the production objectives, QMS analyzes and weighs the information and then creates knowledge-based solution proposals for decision-makers. The most noteworthy feature is that if any rules are violated within certain segments or in the entire coil, alarms are immediately triggered, allowing the operator to take corrective action. The operator can positively impact the process and resulting level of quality produced.

QMS, when used on several consecutive production lines, quality information is immediately available for each coil for each process. Surface quality information for each process is combined and synchronized to determine the development of defects along the process chain. 

QMS can be employed throughout the entire company. This makes it possible to set quality benchmarks from one production line to the next company-wide. This can optimize production planning. Production supervisors, for example, can make decisions about which line is best suited to produce which coil.

Better cost effectiveness and increased quality
QMS clearly shows the quality of each coil and each coil segment – without any time consuming data analysis. Data is converted into information, and information in turn is converted into specific decision-making suggestions. Rules determine out of tolerance conditions by coil footage and alarms can suggest proposed corrections. QMS is a real time tool and a post processing tool.  Based on the statistical analysis of all process metrics in one view from all processes, the highest production of quality metal can be consistently maintained. The ability to view what happened to a specific coil in previous processes empowers operators to systematically improve quality. QMS is an invaluable tool for accurate and optimized decision support without the effort and guess work of trying to evaluate the process hours late and evaluate final quality by analyzing dis-connected un-synchronized data from several databases. QMS delivers improved quality and improved production - the necessary combination for the demands and competition unique to global steel production.

About the company
ISRA VISION PARSYTEC AG is the world's leading supplier of surface inspection systems, used by 15 of the top 20 steel producers. With more than 730 installations worldwide, it provides the most advanced and customized surface inspection systems, delivering reliable and comprehensive information of all relevant surface defects across the various production steps. Together with innovative EXPERT5i software solutions, customers are able to easily create individual surface quality yield management applications, while integrating surface quality data with process data. 

The ISRA VISION Group is the world's largest and most capable vendor of surface inspection systems. The systems are used in the glass, banknote paper, paper, plastics, non-woven fabrics, printing and metalworking industries. The ISRA VISION Group is operating globally with its headquarters in Germany (Darmstadt and Aachen) as well as 15 additional subsidiaries worldwide, e.g. in North America, Korea and China.