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Norpix provides high speed digital video capture and troubleshooting solutions. Norpix software includes Streampix, StreamTouch and Troublepix. Capture from single or multiple cameras in continuous mode to disk. Features include continuous bugger or looping, compression to jpeg, h.264, time stamping, synchronization, event markers, GPS or IrigB time stamping. Triggering from PLC with 5 or 24 volts. Solutions are available in GigE, USB3, 10 and 25 GigE, Camera Link and CXP cameras. Turnkey systems are available with software, cameras, portable or desktop computer.

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Pulse Generator & Digital Signal Amplifier

POSTED 12/17/2013

rong>NorPix Pulse Generator & Digital Signal Amplifier Pulse Generator:

    0.1 Hz up to 1000 Hz.
    Includes StreamPix Pulse Generator Module for control.
    USB 2.0 controlled.

Digital Signal Amplifier:

    Synchronize camera exposure from a single external sync signal.
    Synchronize up to 8 cameras per sync box.
    Provides power along with sync signal to each camera.
    No delay on exposure compared to master slave setup.
    Multiple sync boxes can be daisy chained.

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