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ISRA VISION - Machine Vision Technology from a Global Market Leader. Major international industry players place their trust in ISRA. Our core competence involves the development of 3D Machine Vision products and surface inspection systems. ISRA offers efficient Machine Vision solutions for automation of highly complex tasks: Robot Vision - Seeing in the Third Dimension. Robot guidance for difficult tasks such as positioning, assembly, handling or paint finishing. Our portfolio of internationally unique solutions ranges from 2 D to 6 D. Years of experience in machine vision, robotic technology, and industrial automation provide cost-effective, integrated solutions, fully installed and performance guaranteed. ISRA systems consist of the most advanced components developed in-house. The combination of high-performance camera and illumination units, specialized software and business intelligence architecture allows for detailed analysis of production flows.

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ProofSTAR – Innovative Sheetfed Print Inspection System, with PDF Verification, Awarded International Print Technology Award

POSTED 01/28/2013

the first time this year the International Print Technology Awards for the latest product developments of international manufacturers and technology companies has taken place. The innovative print inspection system ProofSTAR by ISRA VISION, the world market leader for surface inspection, was honored as one of the winners in the “Print” category. More than 1500 readers and subscribers of well-known trade magazines including Deutscher Drucker, Deutscher Drucker - International Edition and, voted over two weeks. The award confirmed the acceptance of ProofSTAR by readers and users from the print industry.

In recent years the election of the most innovative technologies was an integral part of the competitions award for the German Printing Industry known as "PrintStars”.  This year, the PrintStars award focused entirely on innovative printed products and so the technology election spun off into its own competition – the International Print Technology Award. From a total of 33 nominated technology concepts the readers voted for the most innovative technologies of 2012. In the category “Print” ISRA VISION was able to prevail against the other nominees with the ProofSTAR in third place in the competition. ISRA has thus once again proved its high level of innovation and technological leadership.

The system ProofSTAR, the innovative complete solution of ISRA VISION, offers printers and packaging printers the possibility to continuously meet the requirements of highest quality and just-in-time production. The manufacturing of packaging typically involves high-quality printed products that need to stand up to the highest demands of brand name products and consumer goods. More often than not, special colors and different language versions are a major factor. Even the smallest processing defect in the creation of the printing plate may lead to defects with devastating consequences. A single error in the text or in the design can result in the whole production order being scrapped. Up until now, a highly-precise and consistent 100% monitoring in an acceptable time period was hardly possible. For requirements such as these, ISRA VISION offers the ProofSTAR complete solution, which allows a direct comparison to the customer’s digital PDF reference.

With ProofSTAR, the entire printed sheet is scanned at the highest resolution and is compared to the reference approved by the customer in order to assure production precisely according to customer specifications and to avoid any customer complaints. From the very first sheet, the results are directly compared to the PDF from the prepress stage. Everything is inspected, an essential quality in the printing of packaging: the entire printed image, upon request also the hot gloss foil or coating applications, matt, glossy or combined - with consistently high quality. The 100% inspection detects even the smallest deviation in the text, in the image or in the graphics, even before reaching printing production, and protects from high follow-up costs. The PDF file approved for printing by the customer from the prepress stage is used as the reference print and is compared with the "master" produced during the first print run.

Using ProofSTAR, it is now possible during the actual running production process to inspect and compare the printed sheets to the proofed reference sheet. A single blank can be compared automatically against the complete printed image (even multiples of the same design). The direction or positioning (0°, 90°, 180° and 270°) of the design on the single repeat does not matter for the inspection.

Using this type of inspection ensures that the running production matches the customer’s reference. At the same time, the system provides just-in-time visualization of any damage to the printing plate or rubber blankets. ProofSTAR clearly reduces the cost of production and material and has been proven to maximize profits and increase efficiency, thus contributing greatly to a company's sustainable future.