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NEUGART USA is the US subsidiary of the German company Neugart, a leading supplier of precision gearheads for automation, motion-control, and robotic applications. NEUGART is a family owned company dedicated to product excellence and total customer satisfaction. Founded in 1928, machining precision gears for instruments, in the 60’s NEUGART developed its first precision planetary gearbox product line for stepper motors, used predominantly in automated systems that time. With our attention to details, ongoing product enhancements we remain the leading force in this technology. The 4th generation of our precision, high value economy E- series product line offers the highest torque density in the industry. Neugart gearboxes enjoy the highest quality- and reliability reputation worldwide. Our products are assembled from “Made in Germany” components, in assembly facilities in Europe, USA and Asia. In North America, we assemble and support our customers from Charlotte, NC.

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Precision right angle gearboxes from Neugart with a premounted pinion

POSTED 06/14/2021

Neugart offers precision right angle gearboxes in three series, each of which is distinguished by the design of the output shaft: The WPLN series features a smooth output shaft as standard. The models of the WPSFN series are equipped with a flange output shaft, where a mechanical interface standardized in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1 allows parts to be attached directly to the flange. The gearboxes of the WGN series are characterized by a hollow shaft on one or both sides. The direction of rotation of the input shaft and output shaft is opposite for all series.

Two variants with a factory-premounted pinion are also part of the current right angle gearbox portfolio: A toothed outut shaft with a premounted pinion is available for the WPLN series, where gearing in accordance with DIN 5480 ensures the necessary connection integrity. The WPSFN series, on the other hand, includes a flanged output shaft with premounted pinion, which - like all models in the series - is equipped with an interface in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1.

A wide variety of gearbox models, frame sizes and ratios is available in order to accurately accommodate the speed optimizations and torques that can be transmitted in combination with the pinion: For example, the WPLN series offers a choice of four sizes with flange cross-sections (at the output) between 70 and 142 mm. The WPLNriants with a pinion having helical or straight teeth are available with different amounts of teeth in modules 2 to 4. They enable feed forces of up to 18,000 N. The WPSFN series also covers a wide range of applications with four frame sizes, from 64 to 140 mm centering collar diameter. Here, too, premounted pinions with different numbers of teeth and different sized modules are available for all sizes. The pinions in this case are helical and support feed forces of up to 11,200 N.