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PowerPlate P² Fully Integrated Inspection System for Glass Plate Production

POSTED 06/24/2013

Taking the lead with PowerPlate P² - the first fully integrated Inspection system for all process steps in the glass plate production

PowerPlate P2 from ISRA VISIONAt CHINA GLASS 2013, ISRA VISION, the world's market leader in surface inspection technology, successfully presented a completely new range of products consisting of precisely synchronized inspection systems designed for the processing steps in glass plate manufacturing. The new and highly innovative PowerPlate product line breaks through quality limitations of the past. In addition, the systems facilitate process optimization and output management.
Glass is being used in more applications than ever, including fields such as architecture and various other technical areas. Increasingly, it is becoming more and more important to adhere to the highest possible quality requirements in glass plate production. What is needed is the most accurate inspection of glass surfaces, because the quality of the glass plate not only impacts the product's visual appearance, but also plays a significant role in terms of the material's functional and safety-relevant characteristics. Even after further processing or after the glass plates have been installed, defects or inclusions in the material, not visible with the human eye, may be the cause of damage and functional limitations brought about by external impacts. This is why continuous automatic 100% quality inspections are so crucial during the manufacturing process.

Complete new line of products
To account for the needs of glass plate manufacturers, ISRA VISION is presenting a completely new, modular PowerPlate (P²) line of products for the very first time at the CHINA GLASS trade show. Designed to not only inspect but also optimize the quality of the manufactured products, this product line has the ability to significantly improve, even better than before, the glass production processes, from the melting furnace to the finishing processes. With it, the market is presented with the most complete and flexible line of products available by far. The fully automated systems ensure that all optical defects are 100% inspected.

The unique P² (PowerPlate) product line ensures highest possible inspection reliability even for batches that include rectangular glass plates or those with random shapes. Each individual defective plate is detected and can be sorted out immediately. The result: quality inspected products and a significant reduction of scrap.

Highest possible productivity is achieved with the aid of inspection systems and their tools for process monitoring and output optimization. Not only do these latest solutions detect defects, but they also assist in pinpointing where and why the defect occurred. 

Nine products that can be combined for highest efficiency
The PowerPlate family is currently made up of nine products that are synchronized exactly to the relevant demands guaranteeing reliable quality inspection even at highest production speeds. Of particular note: the products can be combined randomly to account for the variety of different quality needs.

  • P²-SIZE performs a non-contact inspection of the plate's geometry after it has been cut. This includes the inspection of the plate dimensions, checking for edge defects and broken corners.
  • P²-INSPECT provides the capability to perform a 100% in-line inspection for surface defects at highest resolution settings. The system detects absorption defects like bubbles and stones, but also scratches and other defects.
  • P²-COATING is especially designed to optimize the coating process. In order to improve the coating quality, any coating defects and inconsistencies are identified reliably and at an early stage. This reduces overall production costs and at the same time helps to conserve resources. The system can be used for all coating types, such as low-E, sun protection, anti-reflective, reflective and much more.
  • P²-COLOR reliably inspects the color of coatings and ensures a consistent optical effect of glass elements in the process, while at the same time ensuring that resources are being conserved. The module inspects vertically for coating uniformity and also inspects the color gradient between sharp and wide angles.
  • P²-3D measures the form and evenness of curved glass plates of any size. Inspecting the plates after they have been curved ensures that processes in the melting furnace are optimized and helps to keep the production conditions stable, which guarantees the highest possible quality and increased productivity.
  • P²-LAMI is responsible for guaranteeing in-line inspection of the laminate either before or after the autoclave process. While doing so, the system is able to detect absorption defects.
  • P²-CONTOUR ensures a guaranteed 100% in-line inspection of form of glass elements and also has the capability of measuring the dimensions. 
  • P²-EDGE allows a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective inspection of the edges of glass plates. Because of its clever design, the system makes it possible to capture a panoramic image of the glass edge so it has a full view of everything. This applies to flat glass, patterned glass, cut and asymmetric glass, and much more.
  • P²-OPTICS allows a comprehensive optical quality inspection that helps to prevent optical distortions and other optical effects. There are a variety of filters available for measuring.
All inspection data is processed and classified in real time. The characteristics of each product, the dimensions and defects for example, are stored numerically and visually. This information can be called up again at any time. A single click is all that is needed for the system to show the quality categorization for each batch.

Process analysis tools facilitate an easy and quick assessment of the current glass plate manufacturing process. What's more, optional state-of-the-art analysis and statistics tools help in optimizing the process.

New era of glass inspection
The PowerPlate product line is made up of highly innovative synchronized inspection systems designed for inspection tasks in glass plate production. It represents the introduction of a new era of glass plate inspection: Experts are referring to a glass inspection 2.0.

Ensuring highest product quality while at the same time keeping operating and maintenance costs down guarantees a fast return on the investment and the lowest overall operating costs. By investing in this inspection solution, glass plate manufacturers are ensured an insurmountable advantage over their competition. More than 1,000 successful installations attest to the extent of the expertise, the ample wealth of experience and the skills of ISRA as the technology leader to be continuously innovative.