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CIS Corporation is a development-oriented manufacturer of cameras for use in various applications. The advanced CIS camera line includes high-performance cameras with CIS original ISP, state-of-the-art “Clairvu engine™” for superb imaging quality and high speed processing. We provide FPGA IP or software license as well as compact size, high-resolution, high-speed cameras. The product design philosophy of CIS is driven by industry requirements and offers products with the most advanced technology.

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PoCL Function Added to 12M Camera Link Camera

POSTED 12/09/2014

v>CIS proudly announces that PoCL function has been added to our new 12M resolution, high speed, Camera Link camera. PoCL function enables power supply via camera link cable and is easy-to-use for your application systems. 
 CIS proudly announces that PoCL function has been added to our new 12M resolution, high speed, Camera Link camera.
With its compact foot print, 65 x 65 x 50mmin size, Camera Link Medium, Full, and 10 Tap configurations aresupported.  Frame rates are 54fps at 10 Tap output with 12M high resolution.  The position of output connector can be chosen out of 4 directions, up, down, right, and left.

It features shading correction, binarization, AE, ROI function, and more. 
Suitable for speed and image quality conscious applications, such as medical imaging, board inspection, PTP inspection, FPD inspection, medicine and cosmetics inspection, LCD/OLED inspection, bonding machines, and more. 

With ROI function, it can be used as a 4K camera as well.  Please refer to the Specification Manual for the details.

More CIS new products, focused on high image quality, high resolution and high speed, are on their way to come.
Product Outline
Camera Link Medium, Full, and 10TAP
Sensor size
4/3 inch type CMOS,  4.7 x 4.7 μm
Effective Pixel
4000(H) x 3000(V),  12M pixels
Frame rate
Medium:22fps,  Full:43fps,  10tap:54fps
Pixel rate
Off~1/34000s (at 10tap out)  *Speed depends on output format.
Power requirement
DC +12V  12pin connector / PoCL  (Selectable with dip switch)
Lens mount
M42 mount.  Optional M42 to C lens mount conversion adaptor is available.
Camera size
Please consult with CIS if you are interested in Base configuration output, CXP I/F, Optical I/F, and size requirements and others.
Evaluation sample: Available now.
Mass production: Available.