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PixeLINK® is a global provider of custom industrial cameras for the machine vision and OEM markets. For more than 20 years, PixeLINK has designed, manufactured, and supported the hardware and software requirements of the medical, inspection, and security markets. Through its custom CMOS and CCD camera design services, PixeLINK offers reliable precision camera hardware and industry-leading software that simplifies the integration of cameras into any machine vision application. We enable machine vision manufacturers to select and integrate the optimal industrial camera for their application, OEM customers to integrate reliable industrial camera systems into their applications in a cost-effective manner, and microscopy customers to obtain high-quality life sciences imagery with their existing microscope equipment. PixeLINK also carries a full range of lenses, cables and software that compliment our camera lines, making PixeLINK a one-stop-shop for all your imaging needs.

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PL-H960 Precision Machine Vision Cameras

POSTED 09/21/2011

rong>PL-H960 CCD cameras are ideal for machine vision applications that require absolute precision.

PL-H960 Cameras from PixeLINKPixeLINK®, a global provider of industrial cameras for the machine vision and microscopy markets, today announced the release of a new family of professional industrial cameras.

Designed for industrial applications that require the utmost precision, the PL-H960 series of machine vision cameras deliver high-quality imagery and performance in a compact package.

"The new PL-H series of cameras are designed for machine vision customers that require the highest level of image detail, speed and quality" says William Lesniowski, President of PixeLINK®. "The introduction of the PL-H960 offers customers additional flexibility in selecting the best industrial camera for their application without sacrificing image quality or camera performance."

Featuring a dual Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) interface and Interline-Transfer CCD sensors from Kodak, the PL-H960 industrial cameras offer resolutions ranging from 4 to 16MP and are available in color and monochrome versions.

The PL-H960 cameras offer a variety of trigger (internal/external/free running) and exposure modes and can capture a large field of view, making them ideal for optical metrology, quality assurance, surveillance of large areas, traffic monitoring and more.

Now shipping, PL-H960 cameras are available directly from PixeLINK® or from its network of certified channel partners. Contact PixeLINK at +1 (613) 247-1211 or visit the PixeLINK website for further details.

About PixeLINK
PixeLINK® is a global provider of industrial cameras for the machine vision and life sciences markets. Since 1992, PixeLINK® has designed, manufactured and supported the hardware and software requirements of machine vision, OEM and microscopy customers around the world. Offering unmatched customer support and service, PixeLINK® designs and manufactures reliable industrial cameras and microscope cameras for any machine vision project or microscopy application.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, PixeLINK® combines reliable industrial camera hardware with industry-leading software to offer unmatched off-the-shelf, OEM and custom industrial imaging solutions to customers.
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