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Performance boost through model-based control

POSTED 10/17/2019

ACOPOS P3B&R has extended its model-based control for the ACOPOS P3 servo drive to include three new control functions. The functions are integrated into B&R's Automation Studio engineering environment and allow the controller to be adjusted more precisely. This way, machine productivity and speed can be increased. Vibrations and oscillations decrease, so that machine components are protected. Easy to maintain.

With model-based control and virtual sensors, elastic drive systems can be controlled more precisely. Both the motor mechanics and the load being transported are taken into account for the closed-loop control. A state controller reduces the resulting oscillations and compensates for external disturbances at an early stage. The positioning precision increases and the end position is reached earlier on. This increases both the performance of the machine and the product quality.

Optimal positioning path
With an intelligent feed-forward control, the encoder position can be optimized and the reference position precisely maintained. Any position that can be derived from the mathematical model can be used as the reference position. In the past, two encoders were required to do this, but thanks to the intelligent feed-forward control, one encoder is sufficient to get the job done.

Model-based control at the push of a button
Automation Studio makes it easier to determine the optimum parameters for motion control systems. Autotuning is used to identify the system parameters and the parameters of the model-based feedback controller. There is no longer a need to identify the parameters manually.