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Smart Vision Lights is a leader in developing and manufacturing a complete line of LED products tailored toward machine vision and the advanced lighting industry. Our products feature high current LEDs, quality craftsmanship, and an intelligent driver built-in every light.

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OverDrive™ Series for Machine Vision Lighting

POSTED 01/19/2011

g hspace="10" height="88" align="right" width="300" vspace="10" src="/userAssets/aiaUploads/Image/SVL-over_drive.jpg" alt="NEW! OverDRIVE™ EZ Mount Ring Light® " />OverDrive™ series of lights includes an integrated strobe driver for complete LED light control. No need for an external driver to control the light. The integrated intelligent driver monitors the strobe operation maximizing the lights output during inspections of the vision system.

The OverDrive™ offers our SafeStrobe technology. This unique technology applies safe working parameters to ensure the LED’s are not damaged by driving them beyond their limits. This is especially beneficial for overdriving today’s new High Current LED’s. The OverDrive™ series provides repeatable intensity control and pulsing by using a microprocessor to watch and control the power to the LED’s for safe operation. The integrated OverDrive™ controller offers both NPN and PNP strobe input for easy integration to today’s smart cameras. Lights have high speed reaction times that offer extremely fast repeatable pulse times.

OverDrive™ technology automatically sets the limits for different LED’s. Each color or wavelength of LED’s are maximized producing the highest output LED lights in the vision industry. UV, IR, White, Red, Blue, Green and Cyan all have different maximum current limits and our OverDrive™ technology controls every color light.
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OverDrive Features

    * Highest Power LED Lights in the Vision Industry
    * SafeStrobe Technology ensures protected operation of LED’s
    * 5 times brighter than standard high current LED Lights
    * Precise current provides stable Light Intensity
    * High Speed >> Fast Response
    * NPN and PNP strobe control