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OPTO ENGINEERING® designs, manufactures and markets imaging components. Our expertise in developing innovative optical systems has earned us worldwide recognition as a supplier of unmatched optical solutions. OPTO ENGINEERING® is the world leader in telecentric technology as well as the creator of many other optical products which helped our customers solve machine vision applications once considered impossible. Over the years, our expertise has expanded to other technologies; today OPTO ENGINEERING® is also a primary supplier of advanced LED illuminators, imaging software, cameras, and artificial intelligence units. In almost 20 years of experience in the machine vision industry, we have learned how complex and diverse the needs of the market can be. This makes it essential to directly connect with customers and thoroughly understand their applications by carrying out feasibility studies on real samples.

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Opto Engineering Webinar

POSTED 05/27/2021

Telecentric lenses are the best-performing optics used in many imaging systems for high precision metrology applications and inspection applications where low distortion, high depth of field and no perspective error are key requirements.

Recent advances in the optical design of telecentric lenses exploiting new fabrication techniques and the integration of liquid lenses technology are showcased in this presentation, together with an insight into innovative calibration algorithms and measurement software to maximize the performance of the vision system.


June 14th, 2021 - 11 AM EDT

The webinar is free of charge, register here!


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Francesco Mondadori
Product Manager - Optics & Cameras


Francesco Mondadori is the Product Manager for optics and cameras at Opto Engineering, a world leader in telecentric technology as well as the creator of many other optical products. Over the years OPTO ENGINEERING® has also extended its experience to other technologies and today is a qualified supplier of advanced LED illuminators, imaging software, cameras and artificial intelligence units.

After having brilliantly achieved a master's degree in Materials and Production Engineering at the University of Trento, Francesco joined the marketing team initially managing telecentric lenses, while today he takes care of the entire offer of optics and cameras.


 Moderator: Dennis Scimeca
Associate Editor
Vision Systems Design