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Open for Business - Marlin Steel Provides Essential Racks to Stop COVID19

POSTED 03/25/2020

Marlin Steel Manufacturing During Covid-19

Marlin Steel is open for business, and our dedicated team is working diligently to provide essential products during the pandemic. We manufacture all of our products using 100% USA-made materials and can ensure a safe and reliable supply chain during an uncertain global economy.

We use 316-grade American-made stainless steel, which is inherently sterile, resistant to corrosive bodily fluids, and is strong and durable enough to avoid wear, even through continuous use, and repeated autoclave sterilization.

Here is how we're doing our part to help:

Marlin Steel's Test Tube Racks: Supporting the Coronavirus Testing Effort
In response to the increasing number of verified Covid-19 cases, Marlin Steel has stepped up to help the pharmaceutical and medical industries with a new product to assist with viral testing: stainless steel test tube racks.

These test tube racks, as highlighted in the Washington Post, were made possible by our team's diligence and quick turnaround as we raced the clock to fill an emergency test tube rack order and get these critical products manufactured and shipped to a large healthcare provider, where they will be used to save lives, expedite testing, and help combat the spread of Covid-19.

Marlin Steel’s Response to COVID-19 So Far
After getting a huge emergency order at 6:15 pm on March 20th, Friday night, for test tube racks—racks never before made by Marlin Steel engineers—we asked our hardworking staff who had already worked between 40 and 60 hours that week, to volunteer to stay late and work over the weekend so we could ship these products to healthcare providers and save lives. 

Our amazing team finished by Sunday at 1:45 pm, and we were able to get the test tube racks shipped 1,100 miles to our client's facility by 8 am on Monday, where they will be used to expedite testing and help combat the spread of Covid-19.

Marlin is taking the current state of affairs very seriously and has prioritized contributing to the pandemic response in any way possible. Our high-quality products, including ventilator components, and our stainless steel test tube racks, are available to be manufactured for hospitals, labs, and testing kit manufacturers quickly and reliably.
How Marlin Steel Can Help
Some of the products we have begun to manufacture in order to assist with the coronavirus relief effort include, but are not limited to:

  • Autoclave Test Tube Racks
  • Sterilizing Baskets
  • Cleaning Racks and Carts
  • Ventilator Components

We are focused and dedicated to quickly providing high-quality stainless steel products to aid in the care, prevention, and management of the coronavirus pandemic here in the United States. Medical equipment suppliers, hospitals, clinics, and test kit manufacturers can contact the Marlin Steel team, and we will work quickly and diligently to meet your needs with the knowledge that these requests are time-sensitive.