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OCTOPUZ: Under the Surface Complex Welds Simplified

POSTED 04/22/2021

OCTOPUZ: Under the Surface Complex Welds Simplified

Manufacturers are constantly looking at ways for increasing output. However, they are faced with labor shortages, reduced time to market, and high cost of robot downtime.

What if we told you there is a better way? Simulation and offline programming software have continually advanced since inception. Offline Robot Programming (OLRP) is making the integration of robot systems more cost-effective, easy to deploy, and scalable. By programming industrial robot functions in a virtual environment, you can reduce robot downtime, loss of revenue, decrease programming time, and eliminate the need to purchase multiple software programs.

OCTOPUZ OLRP enables you to program complex robot operations within your virtual cell. You can simplify toolpath programming, automatically detect and avoid errors, program, and post-multi-robot cells all in one single platform.

Join us as we take you under the surface of OCTOPUZ. We will share how your complex welding programs can be simplified with OLRP.

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