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OCR/OCV reading with EyeVision

POSTED 05/03/2012

OCR/OCV command by EVT allows the user to verify a whole range of characters. The strength of the system is the plain text reading with high demands on speed or the reading of directly labeled characters under difficult conditions such as characters on changing backgrounds in terms of color or contrast, characters on reflective backgrounds or changing shapes of characters.

With a rate of 102 images per second, the tool searches, recognizes and reads the characters automatically in the image area. Subsequently the number of characters as well as their quality characteristics are displayed, no matter if the characters are rotated, mirrored or inverted.

The system recognizes even characters, which are hard to identify and reads even damaged, blurred, contorted or low-contrast characters without any difficulty. Even dot-peened or dotted writing can be read with the OCR command smoothly. Also changes in the thickness of the characters, which is sometimes the trouble with expiry dates on packaging or hot embossed characters, are no problem for the system. Additionally not only the reading at high speed conveying velocity, but also the reading from a greater distance and extremely small characters is possible.

The powerful filter commands of the EyeVision software allows the user to determine if for example characters which are dirty or difficult to read should be read with the OCR/OCV command or if products with such printings should be sorted out.

In order to read the characters the system has to be configured only once by means of the EyeVision software.

Thereby a window has to be dragged over the writing in the configuration mode and the software extracts every single character automatically in no time. So the OCR/OCV is decoded character by character. And after the one-time configuration the system reads the text strings of any number of subsequent objects. The result is transformed into the desired data format and is transferred to a data memory or to the system control.

The image processing solution for OCR/OCV reading can be integrated into production lines of assembly and packaging units or applied at end-of-line-inspection procedures. The most common applications are for example reading of car serial and construction part numbers or name plates on directly marked automobile parts, car bodies and components as well as reading and verifying of security relevant drug packaging and enclosed label or the high-speed label verifying of pharmaceutical phials. Most important application areas are for example the automobile and automobile supplying industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

Furthermore allows the three dimensional image processing a reliable reading of very difficult lettering, which not even offer enough contrast when light up. But with e.g. the EyeScan LT 3D sensor the lettering is scanned and captured bit by bit. The special EyeVision 3D software with robust evaluation algorithms allows a fail-save reading of embossed or engraved lettering. The system is configured and operated by the user via the graphical user interface of the EyeVision software.