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Pepperl + Fuchs VMT provides turnkey industrial vision and laser sensor systems, as well as off-the-shelf vision sensors, 2D data matrix and barcode readers. System solutions include: 2D and 3D robotic control and guidance; OCR and barcodes; palletizing and de-palletizing; measurement and position determination; camera-guided parts handling; parts identification; inspection of glue coats; and quality control. Pepperl + Fuchs is an international company with a strong global presence.

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Next Level of Ultrasonic Technology—Intelligent, Functionally Safe and Autonomous

POSTED 11/19/2020

Ultrasonic sensors have rapidly gained popularity in recent years—what was once a niche product has now become a key technology that can be found almost everywhere in the automation sector.

Day 3 - Next Level Ultrasonic Technology

As the market leader in this sector, Pepperl+Fuchs will be dedicating a whole day of events at its second Online Summit to providing insight into the latest trends and future developments. On November 19, 2020, the theme of the day will be "Next Level of Ultrasonic Technology," with keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions exploring the following topics in further detail:

  • Ultrasonic sensors that are only capable of providing a simple proximity value are a thing of the past. Parameterization options are becoming increasingly specific, and the ability to preprocess data is improving constantly—what advantages can ultrasonic sensors now offer in terms of implementing standard measuring and control applications?
  • The design of ultrasonic sensors has long made it difficult to achieve SIL/PL suitability—however, this technology demonstrates a number of properties that make it very attractive for use in safety applications. How exactly can the latest generation of ultrasonic sensors help here?
  • Industry 4.0 applications often require spatially remote measuring points and utilize data in IT platforms outside of traditional control circuits—this often requires the use of automation components that have been designed specifically for this purpose. What exactly are the wireless M+O ultrasonic sensors that are becoming increasingly sought after in this context?

About Pepperl+Fuchs
With 6300 employees worldwide, Pepperl+Fuchs recorded sales of EUR 715 million in 2019. The Group is one of the leading companies for industrial sensor technology and explosion protection. The headquarters in Mannheim, Germany, represents the core of the company's technical expertise, where engineers and specialists research and develop the latest technologies and products. Originally a small family business founded in 1945, Pepperl+Fuchs is now represented on all continents by more than 40 subsidiaries. Our global presence gives us the best of both worlds: the highest technical standards plus efficient, cost-effective production facilities. Pepperl+Fuchs has developed into a partner for worldwide users of automation technology, and offers the most comprehensive portfolio of tried-and-tested components for the demands of manufacturing automation and process automation.