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Nexen Introduces an Industry First: NexSafe Functional Safety Certified Brakes

POSTED 04/14/2021

NEXEN NexSafe Certified Functional Safety BrakesVADNAIS HEIGHTS, MN – Nexen Group, Inc., announces the launch of NexSafe™ Certified Safety Brakes – the first products in North America to earn the Intertek Functional Safety (FS) Mark. NexSafe products are certified to comply with ISO 13849-1,  Categories B through 4 and Performance Levels PLa through PLe. Integraged safety features typically increase component pricing signficantly, but Nexen has provided this increased safety at no extra cost to customers.

NexSafe products are spring engaged, air released, and default to lock, making them ideal for precision holding and emergency applications. They are Industry 4.0 compatible with Operating Mode Sensors for engagement or disengagement, accurate linear positioning, predictive maintenance, and operational feedback.

NexSafe Functional Safety Certified Brakes for Linear and Profile Guides and Rails

  • Multiple actuators and engagement springs
  • Compatible with all major manufacturers 
  • B10D of 4 million cycles

NexSafe Functional Safety Certified Servomotor Brake

  • Mounts directly to servomotor flange
  • Integral clamp collar with backup keyway
  • B10D of 2 million cycles

NexSafe Functional Safety Certified Brakes for Pneumatic Cylinders or Round Shafts and Rails

  • Multiple engagement springs
  • Compatible with almost all guide rod systems and pneumatic cylinders (NFPA or ISO)
  • B10D of 2 million cycles

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