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OPTO ENGINEERING® designs, manufactures and markets imaging components. Our expertise in developing innovative optical systems has earned us worldwide recognition as a supplier of unmatched optical solutions. OPTO ENGINEERING® is the world leader in telecentric technology as well as the creator of many other optical products which helped our customers solve machine vision applications once considered impossible. Over the years, our expertise has expanded to other technologies; today OPTO ENGINEERING® is also a primary supplier of advanced LED illuminators, imaging software, cameras, and artificial intelligence units. In almost 20 years of experience in the machine vision industry, we have learned how complex and diverse the needs of the market can be. This makes it essential to directly connect with customers and thoroughly understand their applications by carrying out feasibility studies on real samples.

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New Telecentric Optics with liquid lenses technology

POSTED 02/18/2021

Opto Engineering


New Telecentric Optics with liquid lenses technology

Anyone familiar with telecentric optics knows very well that the depth of field can be a problem when using high-magnification lenses. Most of the times you either end up using oversized optics or having to move the object or the lens to compensate.

With nearly two decades of experience in the world of machine vision, at Opto Engineering® we are perfectly aware of this.

For this reason, we have designed the TCEL series, a brand-new series of telecentric optics with integrated liquid lenses that combine the best of both technologies.



TCEL SeriesKey advantages

Extended depth of field
Thanks to the integration of the liquid lenses, you can significantly extend the telecentric optics DOF.

Excellent optical performances
The optical design of the lenses ensures a very low distortion as well as a superior optical performance.

Precise and quick autofocus
Electronically driven liquid lenses allow for extremely fast and precise focus changes.

Detailed test report with measured optical parameters

Application example



Electronics & semiconductor


Electronics & semiconductor














Endless customization opportunities

Given the extreme versatility, the liquid lens technology can be integrated into many other optics, not just telecentric ones. For example, Opto Engineering® recently introduced the PCHI023-AF, a hole inspection optics for 2/3″ sensors with an adaptive lens focus.


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