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New QTL-A motor series

POSTED 11/12/2019

The QTL-A motor series 

The QTL-A motor series is Tecnotion’s largest torque motor series up to date, yet very compact and thus a high torque density for the generated torque. The motor is now available for applications that have high torque and thermal management requirements.
The QTL-A motor series comes in four diameters (210-230-290-310 mm) and three heights (65-85-105 mm). They are available with or without a cooling ring. The motor features enhanced thermal management due to the cooling channels which allow it to run at a high continuous torque of up to 329 Nm even in combination with high duty cycles and dynamic movement profiles. The low stack height in combination with the diameter results in a high torque density.

The brushless QTL has a large inner diameter suitable to route multiple cables through, allowing flexibility in the application. It therefore suits a wide variety of markets including rotary indexing tables, printing, material handling, packaging and laser cutting.The largest motor in the 310 series can reach an ultimate torque of up 779 Nm. The maximum speed for the smallest motor in the 210 series is 779 rpm at 680 Volt DC.

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Datasheets and drawings of our new QTL Torque engines can be found in the downloads area of our website.