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ESI Motion's New Proton 4kW Servo Drive Module

POSTED 09/09/2021

New Proton Single-Axis Servo Drive Module with CAN, CANOpen, EtherCAT, and RS422

At ESI Motion, we understand the importance of precision. Whether using a servo drive for military, robotics, automotive, aviation, or other specialized applications, our servo drives are made and designed to perform! 

As a world leader in small efficient servo drives, ESI Motion’s Proton is our newest, single-axis module, designed to operate in small applications without sacrificing any power.

Features include: 8V- 80V Bus DC Voltage, Continuous Output Current of 50A, 50A Peak Motor Current and a Output Power of 4kW. 

The single-axis Proton is ultra-lightweight and compact (not much bigger than a quarter) and weighing it at just 0.59 oz (16.72 g) allowing it to be configured for a variety of applications where size and weight is critical.

With options to include input voltages, output current amplitudes, as well as feedback devices, a wide temperature range, among many more, the applications that this  servo drive can be used in is seemingly endless.

Our servo drive modules are designed and manufactured in our industry-leading facility in California, USA and are in compliance with a wide range of military as well as industry standards. With its rugged, field tested controller and it’s high-efficiency wide-bandgap semiconductor-based power driver, the Proton can be incorporated into just about any project – from an AGV, Medical Application, Robotic Suit, EV, Mobile Devices, or robotic arm positioner to radar systems and airborne antenna stabilizers.

Communications interface include:  RS422, CAN, CANOpen, EtherCAT

  • Bus Voltage Range: 8VDC – 80VDC 
  • 50 Amps Continuous Motor Current
  • 50 Amps Peak
  • Wide Operating Temperatures: 
    • - 55°C to 100°C - Aerospace 
    • - 40°C to 85°C – Industrial 
    • - 30°C to 60°C - Commercial 
  • Fully Digital High-Performance Drive 
  • 40 kHz PWM Frequency Standard (Consult ESI for PWM frequencies up to 100 kHz) 
  • Multiple Feedbacks Included 
    • Dual Resolver 
    • Dual Quadrature Encoder 
    • Dual BiSS-C 
    • Dual HALL 
    •  Sensorless 

Learn How the Atom Servo Drive Module Can Help You 

If you need a small, efficient, powerful servo drive for your application, we’re confident that the Atom with its compact, ultra-lightweight, any environment design is up to the task. The Atom is fully customizable and configurable to meet any envelope or size needs.  ESI is a full support organization with engineers available to provide turn key solution and we will work with you to customize the drive to your appliaction.

For further information please contact:

Brian Vasey