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New Pouch Seal Inspection Technology

POSTED 04/08/2015

rong>Are customers complaining about open pouches?
Nobody likes to open a carton to find spilled product inside. Worse yet, spilled food can invite infestations in the home or restaurant. What can be done?

New Pouch Seal Inspection Technologyi4 Solutions has developed new technology to prevent shipping open pouches. Their online inspection system inspects every pouch at line speeds. It detects open and narrow side seals, as well as open top seals, so that bad pouches are rejected before being loaded in a carton or tote.
How does it work?

i4 Solutions' innovative approach verifies that the two surfaces of a seal are in contact. The width of the left and right side seals are measured at multiple points as the pouch travels down a conveyor. The top seal is checked for continuity across the pouch’s width. These measurements are not affected by whether any gaps between the seal surfaces are filled with product, or just air.

How fast can pouches be inspected?
i4 Solutions' inspection system will keep up with a rotary knife. Current installations inspect 6000 seal points per minute, but are capable of running much faster. Pouches on multiple adjacent conveyor lanes can be inspected simultaneously.

Will it work on every type of pouch?
This technology can be applied to most paper and plastic pouches. Pouches may be of any size. Pouch papers and films can be decorated with ink.

How is it configured?
i4 Solutions' delivers every system preconfigured for a customer's specific needs. The system includes a touchscreen display panel, and a setup wizard will helps users train new product types.

Free Services
To confirm the applicability of this technology to a specific pouch type, i4 Solutions will evaluated sample pouches at no charge.