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New OD Precision Optical Displacement Sensors from SICK Improve Quality Control Applications

POSTED 10/24/2008

K (, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, and automatic identification products for factory and logistics automation, today announced the launch of its OD Precision Optical Displacement Sensor. The OD Precision is the only optical displacement sensor on the market to connect three sensors to one controller, which reduces the amount of hardware required and makes it easier to measure the x-, y- and z-axes for improved quality control.

These new sensors use CMOS – a superior technology for detecting targets that are highly reflective or have dark remission characteristics. These price-competitive sensors require no software, are simple to set up and operate, and can be used in stand-alone mode. Plus, the OD Precision’s high resolution (0.02 microns) makes it ideal for applications that require high levels of accuracy, such as the automotive, robotics and electronics/semiconductor markets. These sensors can verify machining tolerances, confirm parts quality and positioning enable highly accurate positioning of targets, and even detect the thickness of glass in solar panel manufacturing.