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Baumer offers high-quality digital cameras (GigE Vision®, USB3 Vision™, Camera Link®) for PC-based image processing systems and intuitive vision sensors as well as OEM vision engineering for customized vision components to be used for many different applications across varied industries. Baumer Optronic GmbH is a subsidiary of the Swiss Baumer Group – a global leader in sensor solutions for factory and process automation.

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New LX VisualApplets 3D Cameras for High-performance Laser Triangulation

POSTED 11/07/2016

LX VisualApplets cameras with integrated image preprocessingThe Baumer portfolio of LX VisualApplets cameras with integrated image preprocessing is complemented by fast 2 and 12 megapixel models with 2K and 4K line width respectively and profile rates of more than 2.5 kHz at 128 lines for precise tasks in laser triangulation at high speed. Series production begins in the first quarter of 2017.

These 3D cameras feature a particularly developed laser triangulation applet based on VisualApplets technology. It allows for locating the laser line focus directly in the camera with subpixel accuracy, so transmission will only contain the profile data. This will reduce the volume of data for transmission and processing for cost-efficient and flexible system setup with GigE interface. The high resolution and profile rate allow for precise acquisition of the 3D information to identify even the slightest deviations reliably at high processing speed. Aggregating profiles ensure reliable high-speed transmission while also significantly reducing the CPU load. Thanks to the pre-installed 3D applet, laser triangulation tasks can be immediately set up without the need for additional programming – yet providing users with maximum flexibility in convenient adaptation to application-specific requirements. The 3D cameras are quickly integrated using third party software such as HALCON. System calibration is easily performed by 3D specimen.

The Baumer LX VisualApplets cameras allow users to quickly realize high-performance tasks in image preprocessing with maximum flexibility right in the camera’s FPGA with the help of graphical programming environment VisualApplets by Silicon Software. In favor of this, customers benefit from time savings in development, application real-time behavior and maximum know-how protection. At the same time, the volume of data to be transmitted is reduced to simplify processing by the PC-based image processing system which does not have to perform complex algorithms consuming considerable processor power. By using a GigE Vision interface the integration effort and system cost can be reduced.

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The Baumer Group is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image-processing. Baumer combines innovative technologies and customer-oriented service into intelligent solutions for factory and process automation and offers an unrivalled wide technology and product portfolio. With around 2,300 employees and 38 subsidiaries in 19 countries, the family-owned group of companies is always close to the customer. Baumer provides clients in most diverse industries with vital benefits and measurable added value by worldwide consistent high quality standards and outstanding innovative potential.

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