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Cognex Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a range of products that incorporate sophisticated machine vision technology that gives them the ability to “see.” Cognex products include barcode readers, machine vision sensors, and machine vision systems that are used in factories, warehouses, and distribution centers around the world to guide, gauge, inspect, identify, and assure the quality of items during the manufacturing and distribution process. Cognex is the world’s leader in the machine vision industry, having shipped more than 1 million vision-based products, representing over $4 billion in cumulative revenue, since the company’s founding in 1981. Headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, USA, Cognex has regional offices and distributors located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

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New Lighting and Optics Features for DataMan 300 Series

POSTED 06/24/2013

New options provide customers with more flexibility and control

New Lighting and Optics Enhancements Available for DataMan 300 Series from CognexCognex Corporation (NASDAQ: CGNX) has introduced new lighting and optics features for its DataMan® 300 series of industrial barcode readers. Since its launch, DataMan 300 has quickly become the preferred barcode reader due to its outstanding read rate performance and ease of use. The demand is now set to continue with the introduction of the most flexible optics and lighting features available on any image-based fixed-mount barcode reader.

Easier to use for multiple applications
“Instead of having to order and stock different models, our customers can now easily configure DataMan 300 for multiple applications by simply changing the lighting or optics, ,” said Carl Gerst, Vice President and Business Unit Manager, ID Products. “As an added benefit, having the ability to optimize lights and optics for each application helps achieve the highest read rates possible.”

Greater customization and control
The DataMan 300 features modular lighting that can be configured and replaced in the field. The eight integrated light banks and external lights can be individually controlled.

Lighting options include:

  • IR for challenging metal parts and operator eye comfort
  • Polarized red for reflective parts or parts under plastic
  • Blue for metal parts or barcodes printed in color
  • High-intensity red for general purpose applications
  • Cognex’s custom high-powered illumination accessory (HPIA) for long-range barcode reading applications
  • Several external lights powered directly from the reader, including the ring, backlight, spotlight, low angle ring and DOAL

Reduced need for additional hardware
The DataMan 300 lens mount supports all popular lens styles without any additional hardware.

Lens options include:

  • Variable focus S-Mount liquid lens
  • S-Mount in 10, 16 and 25 mm
  • C-Mount in industry standard sizes
  • Automatically adjusts to optimal settings
With the press of a button, the DataMan 300 “intelligent tuning” feature runs an automatic calibration routine that determines which combination of lights and focal distance on the liquid lens will provide the best results for each application.

The DataMan 300 series includes three models: DataMan 300, with a standard resolution of 800x600 pixels, the DataMan 302, with a higher resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, and the DataMan 303 with the highest resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels.

For more information about the DataMan 300 series of fixed-mount barcode readers, visit

About Cognex
Cognex Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and markets machine vision and industrial ID systems, or devices that can "see."  Cognex vision and ID systems are used around the world for a wide range of inspection, identification and guidance applications throughout the manufacturing and distribution process.  Cognex is the world's leader in the machine vision and industrial ID industries, having shipped more than 850,000 systems, representing over $3 billion in cumulative revenue, since the company's founding in 1981.  Headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, USA, Cognex has regional offices and distributors located throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Japan and Latin America.