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EVT offers image processing solutions in the 1D, 2D and 3D areas. In addition, with the help of Eye Vision Technology products, tasks can be solved quickly and inexpensively using thermography and hyperspectral measurements.

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Bar Code/OCR Reading and Visual Inspection & Testing Bar Code/OCR Reading and Visual Inspection & Testing

New EyeSens ZQ vision sensor with powerful ZYNQ hardware

POSTED 05/04/2016

EVT presents the new EyeSens series. The EyeSens ZQ vision sensors are much smaller than the usual EyeSens sensor. But despite the miniature design, they are powerful, due to the ZYNQ hardware inside.

New EyeSens ZQ vision sensor with powerful ZYNQ hardware

Due to the powerful ZYNQ processor with dual Core ARM, the EyeSens ZQ can solve image processing tasks faster than common vision sensors. Suitable applications would be for example:
  • Code reading (DMC, QR, Barcode)
  • OCR/ OCV
  • Color Inspection
  • Measurement Technology
  • Pattern Matching / Contour Matching for Robot Vision
  • Counting Objects

Due to the small size and the little weight and also the already integrated lighting, the EyeSens ZQ is suited for areas where only little space is available. Especially the light weight is important, when mounting the camera to a robot arm.

With the EyeSens ZQ is not only the EyeSens software available but also the complete EyeVision software platform. Additionally the camera offers the option with an integrated FPGA, which is important for the fast preprocessing of image information
The creation of an inspection program is also very easy. With the drag-and-drop graphical user interface, there are no programming skills needed.
Thus the vision sensor platform is applicable for various image processing tasks. 
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