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New Bellows Suction Pad for Bag Packaging

POSTED 04/02/2015

At FachPack, J. Schmalz GmbH introduced its new suction pad series SPB4f for flexible use in the packaging industry. The suction pad allows for dynamic and safe handling of all kinds of bag packaging.

Bag packaging is currently the fastest growing market segment in the packaging industry. It is challenging to handle this packaging reliably in automated processes because the bags can be filled with a wide range of materials such as powder, bulk goods or liquids. Furthermore, the bags themselves can be made of a number of different materials. An optimal seal is required for reliable gripping, especially when the material tends to create folds, when the bags are not very full, or if they swing during the handling process. The bellows suction pad series SPB4f from Schmalz is able to meet these challenges regardless of the packaging material, goods and the fill level. The SPB4f is ideal for use in connection with Delta robots for quick handling of flexible materials in case packer and pick-and-place applications.

In order to transport bags and other flexible packages safely, the bellows suction pad is equipped with a sealing lip that allows it to adapt particularly well to the pie piece. It even provides an optimal seal when used with bag packaging with a large number of folds. In order to further optimize the sealing properties and to increase the holding force, segmented flow fins are integrated into the sealing lip. The key factor is the suction pad’s ability to immediately grip the bag as soon as it lightly touches the work piece surface – this is gentle on the packaged product and speeds up the gripping and pick-up processes. A reinforced suction bellows with 4.5 folds allows for greater lifting force and creates an important damping effect when gripping the product packaging. An integrated bag stabilizer holds the work piece safely in position and prevents thin plastic film in particular from being sucked in.

With its large nominal diameter, the connection element allows for high flow rates and is designed for operation with pumps, blowers and multi-stage ejectors. Various threads are available for the SPB4f based on the application. However, it can also be attached directly to a pipe and fastened using a hose clamp. The sealing lip and bellows are made of FDA-compliant silicone and can also be used for safe and reliable handling of bags and flexible packaging in the food and beverage industry. The material can be cleaned quickly and easily. The suction pad SPB4f is available with 30, 40 and 50 millimeter diameters. With this new series, J. Schmalz GmbH is expanding its portfolio of products for handling packaging. The company’s product range also includes suction pads for cardboard boxes and plastic film.