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NERLITE® Smart Series Machine Vision Lighting for Industrial Applications

POSTED 10/18/2011

ton, WA - Microscan announces the roll-out of its new NERLITE® Smart Series machine vision lighting product line. A global leader in barcode, machine vision and lighting solutions, Microscan recognizes the critical role that proper lighting plays in any vision or auto ID application. The NERLITE® Smart Series was developed to provide accurate, repeatable results in a variety of system configurations, with high intensity output, integrated controls, uniform illumination, cool operation, and long lifetimes. Available models include ring lights, spot lights, large area lights and patented DOAL® lights in multiple geometries, sizes, and wavelengths.
NERLITE® Smart Series Machine Vision Lighting for Industrial Applications
In addition to the strongest and brightest LEDs in their class, NERLITE® Smart Series products include an internal controller to provide a complete and easily integrated solution. Built-in Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) feature allows dimming and on-off control, while the controller provides adjustable intensity continuous mode and high output strobe mode. By integrating this essential control function, NERLITE® customers do not need to be concerned with choosing the right controller, determining the correct voltage, or picking the right connector for a successful installation. The NERLITE® Smart Series line allows users to focus on the critical lighting requirements of their machine vision application, such as the wavelength (color), field of view (size) and required geometry to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio of acquired images.

Like all NERLITE® machine vision lights, the Smart Series lights are 100% LED-based which has the advantage of fast response, long life, multiple wavelengths and high intensity capability. Microscan has also optimized all lighting products for factory automation applications by standardizing on 24-volt power, standardizing on industrial connections, and allowing operation to 40º C. All NERLITE® lights are backed by an industry leading 3 year warranty with standard lights in stock and ready for rapid delivery.   

“As a pioneer of machine vision lighting technology, NERLITE® has an excellent reputation in the industry as a reliable, high quality provider of machine vision illumination,” states Scott Summerville, Microscan President. “Microscan recognizes the importance of lighting in successful machine vision and 2D barcode reading applications and will continue to invest in this technology.”