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Needle Edge Quality Detection System

POSTED 05/17/2016

Needle Edge Quality Detection SystemSystem is introduced
As one of the important medical consumables needles, daily consumption is huge.Though its quality cannot cause medical accidents, but the quality problems of needles can bring needless trouble to medical staff, at the same time bring unnecessary pain to the patient. How to control the needle production quality, it is health consumable manufacturing enterprises face a major problem.

Needles edge quality detection system for needle grinding process for real-time monitoring, through the analysis of the machine vision system for real-time strong needles the quality of the blade, found the quality problem of needle use out devices.

System function

  • Management of many templates
  • System schematic diagram Log management
  • User management
  • Automatically delete expired log (user specified period)
  • Quality parameters controlled

The system interface

Typical defective figure

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